Sunday, March 13, 2011

Bangkok, Thailand Trip Dec'10

Bangkok, Thailand
Last school holiday my family & mom got the chance to visit Bangkok. Got to go to few places only coz Bangkok is to big. To go for one place to another took 2 hours. The below is at Ayuthaya.

To reach Ayuthaya needs 2 hrs by taxi. It is really tiring and there is a lot of "wat" or temple here. We didn't go in there as it is too many people & vey hot.

History left over.

Sungai Menam Caho Praya. Its very wide & long river so we have the chance to go river cruise.

Along the way a lot of "wat". 

Alot of houses at the left & right of the river.

Here there is fish. The boat will stop here & tourist will gave bread to the fish.

The man in the small boat is selling souvenior. Pity them but the price is too expensive. 

This is really an exciting  place to go. I would recommend u all to go here. We tought they give us boat with engine but oh no, they give us a small boat with one man & with no safety life jacket. The river is also big but a bit smaller than Menam Chao Praya. 

In the boat mostly women sell many things such as food, fruits, vegetable & etc.

Left & right people selling souveniors. Here u must know how to bargain, the price can go very low but there is some item even i bargain to low at few shops they still dont want to give me.

Congested traffic. So may boats with tourist on board. Where ever u go, u will see many mat salleh. They love sight seing, not like us will buy a lot of souveniers & unnecessary items. 

Fisrt time see, a nice large lotus flower.

Nice big louts flower. This is taken at Roses Grden. There are many roses here but not really nice so i did not put the photo here.

This is something unique, the onions & garlic. Bought these at Tesco in Bangkok.

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