Saturday, January 14, 2012

Basil or Daun Selasih

Love watching the cooking series at AFC Network by Astro - Barefoot Contessa, Giada at Home, Nigella Lawsons, Anna Olson ant others. Their kitchen is superb. Adore it so much. They have a lot of fresh herbs planted or put inside the glass or jar. So I pick my basil leaves and put it in a mug near my sink. Use a bit of water filter and surprisingly it last for almost more than a week now. Can see roots coming out from the basils. I always eat the basil leaves raw with a hot rice plus "sambal belacan" simply delicious.

See the root comming out after few days in a cup of  1/5 water. I didn't realise it until I wanted to change the water. Surprise. After that you can just plant it in the soil. Very simple.

The leaves can be use in cooking especially Malay tradistional cruisine - Laksa Johor & etc or use as "ulam"( eaten raw without cooking ).

My daughter ask: Mom, is that lavender ? Oh my dear , this is the flower of basil.  I think have to educate them more about the herbs. The flower is really beautifull.

The flowers will dry and fly everywhere. Suddenly, we can see new basil plant come out. Very simple to take care. As I have a lot of it I just give it to my neighbours. 


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