Monday, June 11, 2012

Light Peach Roses

One of my roses collections, the light peach colours. Snap with two types of camera - Nikon & Lumix. These roses blooms very well. In fact this is the 3rd time it blooms. I am so happy with the outcome. Secret to it because i gave my roses to eat rose food which i purchase at my morning market. Per small packet cost about RM3.00 and for a kilo about RM50.00 but i dont know whats the brand since they repack them. With that supplement the buds keep coming out.

Photo snap by using Lumix. The background is a big dark. 

This is snap with Lumix too. 

Snap via Nikon. I think i like photo produce from Nikon. 

Planted in a medium size pot. Love to see it grows very healthy .

These all are from one tree of roses.

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