Sunday, September 9, 2012

Farewell Dinner Mr Yeo Ju Tiam...29/8/12

The day 29/8/12, is the last day we got to see Mr Yeo in office. That night we have a farewell dinner for him at Hotel Selesa, Pasir Gudang. Mr Yeo were one of the founder of Intelchem Industries Sdn Bhd before its been sold to Sherwin-Williams based in US. Now we are called Sherwin -Williams (Malaysia) S/B. I have been working with Mr Yeo for 12 years, to me he is like a father. I will never forget what he tought me. Now we loss him due to his retirement. Hope he will enjoy his retirement days.

Happy relaxing to him. Take care. Will be missing him soo much. Now nobody will chat and share general knowledge info with us.

This is the place we held the dinner, Hotel Selesa, Pasir Gudang. We did not employ any professional photographer so as result all photos not so nice, shaking , some even blur. Pretty sad about it actually. It should't happen for such a memorable occassions. Opening ceremonies we have some dancer perform but unfortunately not even one camera manage to snap nicely the photo.

The hall is a bit dark so my camera outcome not so good. Manage to take the "kerabu's" + pudding only. Whats nice , i think i like the sambal sotong + prawn kerabu.

The photo session by the unprofessional photographer. Photos turn out to be ok not so sharp. Everybody snap here, snap there, dont want to miss the moment. Form left top = the ladies, Mr Yeo with Ismail Said, export department ladies, Singapore staff, purchasing team and last Mr Yeo with Andy and Flemming.

Autograph signing session. Everybody got a lunch box each so some of us get Mr Yeo autograph on it.
The company present a retirement plague to him for being with us from 1992 - 2012.

Right hand side top is the accounts department team with Soo Karim ( our ex Finance Manager ) & Uncle Liew ( also retired earlier ). Below is with big bosses = from left Adam, Jiunn Shyong, John, Ulrik, Andy, Buay Eng , me and Ros. CK (Tan Chin Keng) our new General Manager replacing Mr Yeo, holidng the first grand daughter of Mr Yeo.

Snap shots here and there.

Lastly group photo with everybody who came. Smile you on candid camera.

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