Thursday, March 1, 2012

Orange Flower or Jarum 7 Bilah - Herbs plant

This orange flower i have been planted for quite sometimes. Its called Jarum 7 bilah or pereskia sacharosa. My mom said the flower is very beautifull, so i decided to plant it. Planted in a medium size pot. If planted on land , the tree can grow very tall and big.
It is part of the cactus family and the only one which have big leaves. The young leaves we can eat as salad. This tree is also good for cancer people. Take 2 leaves and put in a hot water (just like tea) and drink it or you can make juices from the leaves.

The striking orangy colour.

This tree have torns.

The flower can last for few days.


This is how it looks in a small medium size pot. Can be plant by just using cutting of stems and it will grow.



  1. been planting for more than 5 years..still unlucky to have flowers...maybe due to lack of direct sunlight

  2. Lamanya tanam tak berbunga, cuba replant melalui keratan batang dan kenakan direct sunlight sikit.


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