Sunday, February 17, 2013

Celina Roses

Hi everyone, have come back from holiday but got no time to update my blog. This is my lovely new roses name Celina, bought as usual from Mami Yawinscha via FB. Before they got the name it were called Ideal Hope.

Its yellowish to whitish in colour. The flower does not last long. I have a few yellow roses.

Its small in a bunch. The smells is very mild.

If the buds is nice greenish than you will have a nice outcome. Always spray the buds with H20 to protect the thrips from attacking. This is truly awesome as it really works.

Love it so much.

So surprise to see there is a basal break (BB) that come out from the roses tree. Normally basal break will come out from own root tree. This is a good sign. Will have to take good care of this roses, need to put a lot of fertiliser and spray with ros care and foliar so that a lot of shoot can come out.

Lovely Celina collage.


  1. This variety is beautiful! I'd like to plant such variety in my garden. It's really beautiful! I like it very much!

  2. I love it too. Wish to add more in my small garden. I hope to plant David Austin roses here. The roses really beautifull.


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