Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Finance Meeting 27/2/13

Time running very fast, it seems like just last year this event happen now we meet again. This time round 3 people came = Alberto Eli + Joe Wieber + Simon Choo for this Finance meeting on 27/2/13.  

As usual, arrange lunch with the help of HR department. Thanks Faiz.

Manage to do one chocolate cake only.

Gifts from Christine Leo, Singapore. Lots of Chocolates, TQ dear.

Before the photo shoot. Christine(top left wearing black dress) is pregnant going to due next week but she doesn't look like one.

Malaysia & Singapore Finance team with the big bosses. This is the last group photo with Tang Jiunn Shyong, our beloved Senior Finance Director as his last day will be on 31/3/13 and welcome on board Simon Choo from China as our new boss.


  1. This chocolate cake looks so yummy! You've made my mouth water! :)

    1. office mate love these chocolate cake....


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