Thursday, February 7, 2013

China Roses.......soft petals...

Now here comes the first festive celebration in Malaysia, Chinese New Year. When this times come, there will be a lot of flowers comes in. One of it is as per below photo, as what i have bought from my morning market. Unfortunately i dont know its name. The seller call it as China Roses. Would like to take this opportunity to wish all who celebrate this festives "HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR" , may this year be more prosperous. To others happy holiday.

A very soft peachy pink colour.

The leaves are very dark green colour. I want to see how long can this plant last. Cannot put this plant on direct sun light and do not put  a lot of water to it.

The petals are very soft.

This roses can last for 4 days and it has no smells.

I bought this for RM22.00 per poly bag.

Plant it in medium size pot. Its so beautifull as a lot of buds will blooms.

Lovely collage.


  1. hihi..sama la kak pun ada beli satu beg.masyaallah cantik betul bunga ni.bud dia buruk je tapi bila pecah cantik sungguh.hrp la pokok ni tahan lama.La ni kat bangi asal petang je hujan jd bunga cepat buruk.sudi2 singgah blog sy ye kak!

    1. Memang cantik. Kalau nak bunga dia warna terang sikit letak tahi kambing.OK nanti akak singgah ur blog.

  2. It's so lovely! It looks very subtle :)


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