Thursday, October 11, 2012

Dinner time.......10/10/2012

Here comes the time , dinner again and the place we choose is the one and only one at Senibong at Permas Jaya. Always the first shop. Why ? Because of the nice food that they cooked. This time around , our boss KC, treat us due to his promotion. Congrats  & thank you boss !!! Hope future got good promotion ......Vice President may be.........

See whats in  my plate yet to be eaten. Got crabs + prawn +squid + vege + fish and all are seafoods. Oh my......after that i got headache coz lots of seafood + stomach too full.

Members of the day = Mr Soo + KC +Maria + me + Eyda + Zukiah + Wee Keong  + Faisal

The raw item before cook. Looks very the fresh one.He...he...he...When you come here please bring a lot of cash coz its very the expensive one but due to its taste, we forgot about the price. The most expensive is offcourse Mr Lobster, 100 gram = RM16.50 , so think before you take it. Second espensive is the fresh crab since its still alive, 1kg = RM90.00. So you can judge by yourself.

Recommended these dishes. Blackpepper crab + Chilli crab = Nice.
 To me the blackpepper crab a bit salty. This time the crab doesn't seems to have good meat or shall i say the content of the crab is very very little. May be its not full moon.

Baby Kailan + Mango salad + Siakap Steam Lime = Nice

Butter prawn per 100g = RM12.00 + Squid fried with flour = Very very nice. The curry leaves smells very good. Better to order the butter prawn than the lobster.

All the dishes, really makes the table full.

Now you dont see it. See how delicious it is till everything is gone. Its finger licking good.

Enjoying the food. 

Hope there will be next dinner....he....he...................Who's next?????

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