Sunday, April 7, 2013

Farewell lunch for Tang Jiunn Shyong

On 27/3/13 we held a farewell lunch for Tang Jiunn Shyong our Senior Director of  Finance for GFG Asia. Time pass very fast, he has been with us for the past 13 years. We heard, hes going to leave few years back but not materialise till this year he really really leave us forever on last 31/3/13.

 Will miss the smile, the wording "hi ladies", "hi dearie" keep in touch......
Wish you best of luck in whatever you do......

We suppose to have lunch at the Courtyard Aman Sari Resort, Sri Alam but that place were reserved and close for public. Lucky there is a Japanese restaurant called GOZEN - Japanese and Western Cruisine...Its the 1st time we been there, the place is very small but just nice.

The starter, I love this simple salad may be coz i 'am on diet. The salad dressing is so nice, combination of vineger + sesame oil and dont know what they put is superb....

For Japanese dish  really admire how they do the plating...the presentation..... so nice. Its been a long time for me, I have not been to the Japanese restaurant. Last time when I work in KL, I use to eat Japanese food due to I work with a Japanese company. Almost 11 years I have not eaten this dishes.

This also very nice.

Side and main dish. All sushi are side dish. Every body had green tea and its refill. I ordered Teriyaki Salmon, its a bit dry....Love to try another dish next ime...Thanks to our bosses , Chiang Wan Ching and Chang Kai Chuan for treating us this lunch.

Members of the day but someone is missing, he...he...Maria...happy holiday in Krabi so she miss this lunch.

Finance team now short of one people. All good old people seems to left the company from Mr Soo, Mr Yeo and now Jiunn Shyong. Now we are left with Chiang Wan Ching ( still the old people ) + Chang Kai Chuan (new comer).

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