Sunday, March 3, 2013

Insects in the garden...

A lot of insects like to fly in my garden. Due to I have a lots of flowers.

This insects , I dont know the name. Scared if it sting me.

Dragonflies (pepatung) aslo love to sit on the ross tree. Resting there for a while.

The big ants. Once my roses being attack by small caterpillars. So many of them.

See, what this grasshopper do to my Tineke roses. End up my Tineke have lots of holes.

This is really bigg grasshopper. Yellow in colour.

This insects I dont know the name. Just happen saw it on my Jasmine leaves.

If you dont see carefully you cant see the green grasshopper.

Two different kinds of caterpillars.

The bees love my damask roses coz this roses smells good. The fragrant very nice.

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