Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Yellow Layer Portulaca...special edition

This is one of my favourite portulaca grandiflora or we call it Ros Jepun. Can click HERE to see more on portulaca. Its quite difficult to get this yellow colours. So I have planted it in many small pots.

The layered is really awesome. The colours very nice, light yellow.

I forgot where I got this from. Normally I wont buy from nursery.

This cute roses will last for 3 to 4 months only. After that have to replant it. This portulaca is very easy to plant. Just take the cuttings from the old stems and plant it in the soil. You can mix so many colours in one pot.

High up.

If all blooms is very very nice to look at.


  1. It's beautiful! At first, I thought it's a rose, but then I've read that it's portulaca! Absolutely stunning! I'm going to look for seeds of such variety.

    1. is beautifull thats why i love to plant this portulaca...looks like roses...


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