Monday, March 10, 2014

Macaroons Sheet last i got it

Yes, at last dapat jugak macaroon sheet ni. Sebenarnya saya ni pun bukan terror sangat buat macaroon .....a few times cuba and ada yang menjadi lah walau not so perfect. Yang buat saya want to have this sheet is when I see it di blog Kak Rima, Bisousatoi.....I call her Queen Macs.....he....he....why coz she can bake and sells nice and beautifull multi color macaroons.

Bought this from Bisousatoi shop at internet.....thanks Christine Leo for helping me to order coz Kak Rima is in Singapore. This macaroons sheet were bought from Paris by  Kak Rima during her  vacation last year. So happy to have it but till now I havent have the chance to use it........oh my bilalah nak guna ni.... 

Size for this macaroon tak besar sangat. Just nice as macaroons kan well known for its sweetness.


Love the packaging. Cantik.

Dalam box ni ada 2 macaroons sheet. Each can bake 25 pieces. Selain buat macaroons can also bake red velvet whoopie pies. yang laju je nak get this macaroon sheets. Yet to be tested.  Now belum ada kids love macaroons because of the sweetness........I think all kids love it. 

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